Script submission guidelines

Lakes Area Radio Theatre accepts script submissions from writers. Your original radio plays can be in any genre.  To submit a script, review the following guidelines. Scripts that don’t comply with the guidelines may be returned. Please send submission questions to


Your script must be in a radio play format which differs from stage plays and screenplays.  There are no stage directions, visual cues or lighting directions. The scripts should include easily discernible audio cues such as dialogue, sound effects (sfx), and music cues. Number the pages and number the lines starting over with 1 on each page for the lines.
Please also include:
-A list of characters names including a less than 5 word character description.
-A short synopsis of the story, this will used on the social media and web site.
-A short bio, this will be used on social media and the website.


We ask that content be suitable for all ages and family friendly.  If you include innuendo and/or adult humor, please keep in mind some “children’s shows” which appealed to adults as well: Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairytales, and the like.  We broadcast our shows on a growing network of radio stations.


Lakes Area Radio Theatre has a 30-minute broadcast space to fill every other week.  Plays can be 29-31 minutes in length.  Script lengths are in the range of 5000 +/- words.

  • We will accept scripts for single shows
  • We will accept scripts that would run for 2 installments – The script must have a logical break prior to the end of the half hour.
  • For two installment shows, there must be a written recap of the first installment.  With the recap, the story must be less then a half hour

Fame, not fortune

We pay a royalty fee of $30 per half hour of entertainment.

Royalty agreement

If we accept and use your script, we will send you a writer’s agreement.  This agreement will grant us the right to produce the script; it will grant us the right to reproduce as many copies of the script as needed to produce the script; it will grant us the broadcasting and rebroadcasting rights to the taped production (radio and podcasts); the writer retains all rights to their original and/or adapted work.

Return Policy

We may not take the opportunity to use your script.  There could be a number of reasons for this such as its length, content not deemed suitable for our audience, or just that we believe it needs more work.  We will try to give feedback so that writers can edit and resubmit their work.

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